About the Journal

The aim of our interdisciplinary design journal, “Design Synthesis – International Design Journal for Multidisciplinary Studies“, is to explore and disseminate the multifaceted and evolving nature of design that intersects with various disciplines. Our goal is to cultivate an intellectual space where thought from diverse fields such as industrial design, visual communication, user experience and interaction design, fashion design, and others can share insights, novel ideas, and research findings.

We strive to foster dialogue and collaboration between various design disciplines and beyond. By bridging these fields, we aim to provide a comprehensive view of how design influences and is influenced by the social, technological, and environmental, contexts in which it operates. We seek to inspire our contributors to explore new ways of thinking, designing, and creating to ultimately drive design integration.

Journal Particulars

TitleDesign Synthesis – International Design Journal for Multidisciplinary Studies
FrequencyTwo issues per year
ISSNApplied For
Starting Year2024
SubjectMultidisciplinary Design Research
Publication FormatOnline
Chief EditorDr. Brajesh Dhiman
Publisher DetailsBhanushali Kishorkumar Damjibhai
Publishing BodyKarnavati University
Email Id.research@karnavatiuniversity.edu.in
Mobile No.+91 9898422620
AddressUvarsad-Adalaj Road, At.& Po Uvarsad, Dist: Gandhinagar, Gujarat- 382422

Proposed Areas of Journal Work​

Emerging research tracks in design to be considered for a new design journal:

Human-Centered Design

Explore topics related to designing for human needs, user experience, and inclusive design. This could include studies on user research, interaction design, accessibility, and user-centered evaluation methods.


Focus on sustainable design practices, eco-friendly materials, and strategies for reducing environmental impact. This could include research on circular design, life-cycle assessments, and sustainable manufacturing processes.

Artificial Intelligence

Investigate the intersection of design and AI, including topics such as machine learning for design, generative design algorithms, Al powered design tools, and ethical considerations in Al-driven design.

Emerging Technologies

Explore the design implications of emerging technologies like virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), Internet of Things (IoT), wearable devices, and smart environments. This could include studies on user interfaces, interaction paradigms, and user experiences in these domains.

Social Impact

Focus on designing interventions that address social issues, such as poverty, education, gender equality, and community development. This could include research and design thinking for social innovation, participatory design methods, and co-design with marginalized communities.

Data Visualization

Explore the effective representation and communication of complex data through design. This could include research on information design, visual analytics, data storytelling, and interactive data visualization techniques.

Education and Pedagogy

Explore innovative approaches to design education, curriculum development, and teaching methodologies. This could include research on design thinking in education, project-based learning, interdisciplinary design education, integration of emerging technologies in design curricula.