Launch of “Design Synthesis” at Ahmedabad Design Week 5.0

We are excited to introduce “Design Synthesis,” a pioneering journal from the Unitedworld Institute of Design at Karnavati University, launching at Ahmedabad Design Week 5.0. This journal aims to bridge various design disciplines, fostering innovation, pedagogy, and the exploration of emerging technologies and trends.

“Design Synthesis” is designed to be a collaborative platform that welcomes contributions from across the design community. Its pages will feature a rich mix of research, innovative practices, and discussions on the future of design, making it a vital resource for professionals, academics, and students.

As we unveil this initiative, we invite designers, educators, and researchers to contribute their insights and research. This is a unique opportunity to be part of a publication that not only showcases cutting-edge design thinking but also encourages a cross-disciplinary dialogue that pushes the boundaries of design.

Contributing to “Design Synthesis” means engaging with a wide audience passionate about design innovation and being at the forefront of shaping the discourse in design education and practice. Join us in this exciting endeavor and contribute to a journal that promises to inspire and inform.


Author Guideline