Outside the Range: Studying shopping experiences of plus-size women

Nihar Makwana1, Alankrita Bansal2 and Dr Vibha Kalaiya2

Abstract :

Sizing in the fashion industry has always been a major problem. The importance of inclusive, standardized sizing across all platforms and companies has increased recently. The purpose of this study is to observe and investigate the problems that plus-size women encounter while shopping. It makes use of data from secondary and primary research, which will be done by interviewing women of various ages for surveys. In order to learn more about this area, the study primarily focuses on the responses given by plus-size women. The findings of this study show that most Indian women fall between the size ranges of large and 2x-large. They have found alternatives to in-store shopping due to the fact that it becomes difficult to find their size in stores, and if available, the clothes are not as trendy or fashionable. It would be beneficial if brands were more inclusive and promoted plus-size through their campaigns.

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