Bridging the gap: Marketing Strategy & Consumer Behavior Alignment

Arpita Bhagat1, Ashlesha Futane2 and Dr Vibha Kalaiya2


In today’s ever-changing market scenario, successful companies and brands understand that it is  extremely important to adapt their marketing strategies to changing consumer behavior. This research paper delves into marketing strategies and consumer behavior alignment and sheds light on how this element can act as a catalyst for corporate effectiveness in the market. The study begins with the current modern consumer behavior, which has been shaped by the digital age, the availability of technology on fingertips and the rise of social media. It delves into the decision making process and expectations of modern consumers, focusing on the pivotal role of technology in influencing their choices. Furthermore, this research paper examines the various marketing strategies used by brands to address this ever changing nature of consumer behavior.

The paper concludes with a set of actionable recommendations for businesses that emphasize the importance of data-driven decision-making, personalized marketing, omnichannel integration, and a steadfast commitment to consumer feedback. It is obvious that aligning marketing strategy with consumer behavior is a dynamic, ongoing process. Businesses must embrace this journey with agility and a steadfast focus on delivering experiences that resonate with the modern consumer in an era where consumer expectations are constantly shifting, technological advancements are redefining marketing dynamics, and the consumer’s voice is amplified. In today’s market, bridging the gap between marketing strategy and consumer behavior is the path to competitiveness and success.

Bhagat, A., Futane, A. & Kalia, V. (2024). Bridging the gap: Marketing Strategy & Consumer Behavior Alignment. Design Synthesis – International Design Journal for Multidisciplinary Studies, 1(1).

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